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Why's there a double-standard w Knicks being called THUGS but other teams aren't treated the same?

Ron Artest

Kenyon Martin

J.R. Smith

Are labeled THUGS. Yet Artest and Martin know who they are and are true to who they are. They don't apologize for who they are. Neither does J.R. Smith for that matter. Artest has been a loose cannon pretty much since entering the NBA he's a dirty player I admit it and is one of those players that could beat anyone in a test of strength and you don't want to mess with him. At 33 yrs old he came back 12 days after a season-ending type of injury. That's showing tough as nails heart. Not only that but he had one of his better offensive seasons in a while and was still an elite defender holding guys like KD, Randolph, Harden, etc. to some of their lowest point totals of the season. He has reformed some too despite some cases of the old Ron chiming in like his elbow to Harden's face.

K-Mart when he signed with the Knicks admitted that his tact oftentimes comes around @ the wrong time but it's definitely in a good place because he plays the game with a passion/intensity. He is a high-impact player and was a big midway season addition for the Knicks.

Last J.R. Smith comes with baggage and immaturity issues but he's a good kid at heart as expressed by a number of his teammates. He is a very quiet demeanor which would shock some people as they initially sight him. Under Mike Woodson he has matured wonderfully and its a growing process as he can continue.

You go around the NBA teams like Indiana. David West. Isn't he the one that grabbed Tim Duncan by the neck in a playoff series back in the day? Roy Hibbert didn't he purposefully knock Stephen Curry to the ground because he was showing them up and then he wanted no part of David Lee after Lee tried to defend his teammate. Then there's Tyler Hansbrough who isn't a part of Indy anymore but wasn't he the one that smacked Carmelo Anthony dead in the face with malcontent when Melo drove the lane?

When the Knicks try and reciprocate against a physical team like this in a series the Pacers got to the line 60x to NY's 20 and NY are called a bunch of THUGS.

Chris Andersen on MIA was arrested for having paraphernalia of 12 yr old girls and he isn't labeled a thug and praised for the part he played on the Heat as an instrumental late-season pickup.

KG is one of the biggest thugs in the NBA. Trying to fight smaller players like PGs. Talking about another man's wife, and then purposefully grabbing his arm to pull it down and further separate his shoulder in a playoff series because he was frustrated Melo was giving it to the Celtics.


TC the knuckleheads could flat-out play and Woodson is very good @ handling baggage. He's a player's coach. The Knicks USED to be dysfunctional as a team but the team chemistry gets better and better every season for the past 3 yrs and you can tell that the team is very close and gets along with one another. Hopefully it continues. The Knicks were dysfunctional when Marbury (captain) and Thomas (Coach/PBO) got into a fistfight on the team plane and a bunch of Knicks players denied Marbury was a teammate of theirs or when Nate Robinson yelled @ Mike D on the sidelines on national TV and would purposefully shoot at his own basket with time still remaining before halftime or Nate chucking a sweaty towel at teammate Zach Randolph in a huddle while yelling at him.That's DYSFUNCTIONAL.

Update 2:

Ron Artest as a 19 yr old would get drunk before Bulls games as a rookie and play drunk. He's also cut out that habit in the late stages of his career. Now that he's a Buddhist he's renounced alcohol. He doesn't even drink.

Update 3:

Melo should of done that KG had no right to say such a thing. Not to mention in the playoffs it was KG who grab Melo by the arm to pull it and hyper-extend his labrum because Melo was killing them and he was frustrated. Then Jordan Crawford a bench scrub from the pine tries to heckle Melo saying stupid **** about the matter of his wife.

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    I'm pretty sure nobody ever called David Lee, Allan Houston, Jeremy Lin, Steve Novak, Landry Fields etc.. "Thugs"

    It's not about the Knicks, it's about the individuals. Hell the Trailblazers used to be called the Jailblazers about 10 years ago.

    Just listen to Ron Artest music, that doesn't help his case.

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    Are you defending Ron Artest? They guy went off the deep end punch people in a crowd and then changed his name to world peace (ya I f#cking know its not just world peace metta is in there too) and then continues to hit people? Now I rooted him for hitting the crowd I love a bad guy I bought his McFarlane Action figure to this day he is the only non New England Guy in my line up cause he is that cool for punching a fan! BUT I'd never be stupid enough to wonder why he has a bad rep! He did hit the guy and all the other physical confrontations! I enjoy em but ya he is a thug......

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    I never heard things. Just dysfunctional which is true and even more if the rumor about the knicks trying to get delonte west lol. The knicks have a bunch of knuckleheads now. I believe the knicks organization is trying to get Woodson insane.

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    Nobody calls the Knicks thugs... If anything the Nuggets are the thuggiest team in the NBA, they got some major thugs over there in Denver, past and present, hence their nickname the Denver Thuggets

    It's funny cuz JR and Kmart are ex Nuggets so ya

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    Because in a way its true. Look how carmelo acted last year waiting on KG at the tour bus. Theyre trying to get west. And see how Stoudemire was acting up.

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    After KG told Melo that his wife tasted like honey nut cheerios, Melo went and waited outside the Celtics team bus because he was tryna kick the entire team's asss. If that's not #thuglyfe, I don't know what is.

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