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Notebook PC beeping after reinserting Ram. plz help.?

I recently bought a notebook computer and wanted to add another 2 gigs of RAM.I've never had a laptop so I wasn't familiar with the setup inside the computer and wanted to see it before putting in the RAM. I took out both of the RAM cards one was 4 gigabytes one was 2.

Very stupidly I didn't take the battery out the computer wasn't on and I thought that was enough. Upon reinserting the RAMand closing the case I turn the computer on and it started beeping which is obviously a bad sign.

I don't know what to do now I'm pretty sure it's ruined. Is there anything I can do besides fix it. I put in RAM on a desktop computer many times I never had a problem so I don't understand what went wrong.

Thank you for your help I really appreciate it...


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  • john
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    7 years ago
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    it could be that you ESD'd the RAM when you took it out, but it is also possible that the RAM is not seated correctly. you should not have had to remove the battery to work on the laptop. or at least none of my instructors mentioned that it was necessary.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Either you have not seated the cards correctly, which means taking them out and putting them back correctly may fix it, or you could have caused damage by not taking anti-static precautions. Also if this machine had to be opened completely to remove them, there are often different screw lengths in different parts of the casing. Fit one longer screw in the wrong place and it destroys the motherboard. Even badly seating the cards can cause damage to the cards or motherboard or both.

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  • Don
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    7 years ago

    inserted incorrectly(upside down / backwards) or the wrong ram card...

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