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Which is the best upgrade, Callaway x18 or Razr x IRONS?

I currently use X14 Steelhead Graphite Firm Flex Irons, but think I need to go back to steel shafts. I was thinking (ebay) about X18 and RazrX uniflex irons. I like the X14's, but do not want to re-shaft them.

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    I have the x18's and absoluetely love them.. I was thinking on upgrading and hit the x20's and x22's no comparison.. x18's were much better.. I also tried the razrX and I STILL love my x18's. I personally don't think Calloway has made a better iron then the x18's.. I hope this helps BUT it always depends on personal choice.

    I hate to disagree with rbkgolfs... but after hitting both... the RazrX is no where near the club as the x18s.. the ball travels farther with a better ball flight , but I will agree the RazrX's have a larger sweet spot maybe better for the novice golfer.

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    Either will be fine. But what I don't like is the uniflex shafts. They're not that great; they're weight-sorted, not weight and flex sorted (how True Temper does it). What that means is, while you may have 8 or so shafts that weigh the same, you may find the flexes may be different. There could very well be some "A", "R", "S", or "X"s in there- and you wouldn't even know it! For the money they charge, that's a disservice to their customers... but Callaway seems to be moving away from that.

    One way or another, I feel you're going to have to reshaft a set of irons. The most cost-effective would be to have the 14's reshafted... even though they're bore-through irons (some charge extra for that), that'll still be cheaper than buying a set and then having them reshafted. The 18's are also bore-through, while the RAZR X's aren't. You won't be giving up or gaining much, playability-wise, whichever route you choose, but you deserve better than a "uniflex" shaft.

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    Most people will say Callaway x18 is still good. But you have to remember that X-18 still has the old groove. The old groove will not conform to the new USGA Rule in 2015 for tournament play.

    Get something newer like the Razr X iron. And make sure you get the right shaft.

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