What jobs can I get with my degree? Should I go for my masters?

I'm entering my second year of university with a major in Sociology, and a possible double-major in Environmental Studies, if not then a minor in Environmental Studies (bachelor of arts).

What are the possible job options with a degree in Sociology and Environmental Studies?

Please list as many options as you can think of - serious answers only!!

I was thinking of going for my masters degree in Urban Planning.

If I do that, I'd like to advance ahead my undergrad by finishing it in 3 years instead of 4 through summer courses. I've completed 2 credits of summer courses this summer but it was VERY stressful and I did not do as well as I normally do in the school year, so I'm not sure if I'd like to take summer courses again. But if I go for my masters, I just don't want to spend a huge chunk of my life in school, so I'd try to finish my undergrad sooner.

Would it be worth it in the long-run to get my masters in Urban Planning, or do you think I could still get a good job with a major in Sociology and Environmental Studies?

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  • 7 years ago
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    You must have a masters to get any work in sociology and even then it is hard.

    Environmental Studies is a little better but Environmental Engineering will get you a job with just a bachelors.

    Urban Planning is an excellent masters to take as there is good demand in that field.

    And major ending with "Studies" is not really meant to get you a job.

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