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The Conflict between the MiddleEast and The United States?

The, conflict between the Middle East and the United States has escalated. The threat that faces, our Nation alarmed our biggest Allies such as




Not only our Embassies and Consulates closed Britain and France closed theirs too. The Germans stepped in using legal force to evacuate our Diplomats and other US officials.

In a, Intelligence report the CIA discovered a new leader of Al Qaeda had resurfaced causing a protocol to be put in place. Everyone states about our relationship with Moscow was bad it is nothing compared to this.

"White House press spokesman Jay Carney talked about his concerns in regard to our Diplomats who is currently there he told the media that our Diplomats have been evacuated and was flown to Germany".

President Obama talked to British Prime Minister David Cameron on the phone for a couple of hours to talk about a plan on how to prevent an attack from happening.

Prime Minister David Cameron said to President Obama let's get our Diplomats home will worry about it after.

I like to ask some of you do you believe that the Middle East is ready to attack our Country?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Nope. But maybe the Al Qaeda will cause some disruption in the country. Al Qaeda is a terrorist group, not the middle-eastern government officials. The diplomats were probably evacuated due to the scares of Al Qaeda's re-return and the other threatening conflicts nearby, eg: riots in Syria. You should probably worry more on the North Korea missile testing crisis

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