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Is a UV light for nails the same for tortoises?

I'm thinking of buying a tortoise and I heard the UV lights are pretty pricey... Anyway, I saw some for $100-150 and I know I'm gonna have to spend for the pet but not that much... Anyway, I saw some for $60 and they said "UV LIGHT" I'm wondering if it is the same.. Also if you have a tortoise, how much was your UV light?

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    I would not recommend using anything other than something that is rated for reptile use. Where have you been looking for UVB bulbs? I have never seen a fluorescent UVB bulb for $100 or over. Try Amazon.com for reasonable prices on UVB bulbs:


    I have seen some MVBs (mercury vapor bulbs) that are pricey, but amazon.com has them very cheap. MVBs are the only reptile use bulb that will emit UVB and heat from one bulb:


    I have to buy 4 UVB bulbs at a time when I have to replace them and I always get them off of Amazon; when I buy them the shipping is free, because many of the bulbs have a "spend $25 bucks or more and shipping is free" deal. It costs me about $100 for 4 UVB bulbs, one of which is 48 inches long, and a hard size to find in a regular pet store regardless.

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    I wouldn't buy an UV light for Nails. Tortoises need UV B. I do not know how much UV the lamp gives off, and if it even gives off the needed UV B. It's better to invest more into a good UV bulb than end up with an ill tortoise. But do look around a bit, you might be able to find the correct bulb for less over the internet, or in a different store.

    I do not have a UV lamp, as my tortoise lives outside at all times (except when he's hibernating).

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