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Thoughts on TrailBlazers Mo-Will signing?

Lillard, Williams, and McCollum could all play off-the-ball @ the 2 spot so I take it they will all get more than enough MPG and work lineups where any two of them play together. Lillard wouldn't b be forced to lead the NBA in MPG like he was last season. This would mean less minutes for the only pure PG they have in Earl Watson which is GOOD because he's a 4th string PG with a lot of veteran savvy and could put up productive minutes from time to time when needed.






6. Mo-Will

7. McCollum

8. D-Wright

9. T-Rob

10. Leonard

11. Crabbe

12. Watson

---. Claver

---. Barton

---. Freeland

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    The Blazers have really upped their bench this season. Williams will help ease Lillard away from those 38 mpg he played last season. Looks like the Blazers will be in the running for a Playoffs spot with their acquisitions.


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    I can't understand why, I'm the only one picking the Trailblazers to make the playoffs.

    With the growth of Lillard, and the addition of Lopez and Mo, they should definitely be a playoff team.

    Utah would have been a playoff team last season, if Mo didn't miss so many games.

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    It's a good signing and could boost their playoff chances especially if Minnesota can't stay healthy

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