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What the heck are the TWolves problem?

Nikola Pekovic is asking a $15M deal to extend his contract with the team. That's chump change for the quality player that he is and is still becoming. He's probably the most intimidating scorer in the low-post the NBA has right now. He's put up some monster double-doubles over the last 2 seasons like 30/20 games. Not to mention he averaged 16.3 PPG/8.8 RPG this season and 14 PPG/7.4 RPG in 11-12'. The RPG averages being the most impressive being that he can average those many rebounds playing in the same front-court as K.Love who gobbles up boards by the dozens.

15M is considerably less than what Roy Hibbert received from Indiana and Hibbert puts up pretty much the same numbers as Pek. Given Hibbert is defensively there while Pek still has a ways to go defensively. But being that the NBA is void of promising big men it would be a no brain decision for Minny to pony up and give Pek a $15M deal that he's earned. OJ Mayo, Kyle Korver, etc. received well over $15M in the FA market its ridiculous. DeAndre Jordan was given a $40M deal by the LAC and he was nowhere near as productive as Pek.

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    Um... bro these numbers you're putting up are not per year. DeAndre Jordan earns 10 million a year. Pekovic is asking for 15M a year for 4 years... 60M. Also, think about if they really need him. They have a superstar center in Love already who can shoot and rebound. Right now Pekovic makes 4.56M and OJ Mayo makes 5.6M a year. Kyle Korver also makes 5M a year. The Twolves have offered him 12.5 million for 4 years, a total of 50M, but he wants more. You really want to tie that money in a back up center? Roy Hibbert (a starting center) makes 13.67M. K Love makes 13.67M a year too. I would say let Pekovic play the next season for 6M, see how he does and then sign him back next season if he's worth it.

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    Pekovic at the most should be given 10 mil per year AT THE MOST. He isn't an all-star center or anything like that. Minnesota should try to resign him but they can't overpay him because they will have to reserve money for Ricky Rubio, Shabazz Muhammed, Derrick Williams, etc

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    My problem is NOT with Pekovic. Is KEVIN LOVE!!! WTF has this injured phony has done with the T-Wolves for the past 5 yrs? He can't lead his team to the Playoffs & Ricky Rubio can't do it all alone. The last that the Wolves made to the Playoffs, was in back 2004 KG era!

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