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Jeremy Tyler will likely play in about 30+ games & average around 20 MPG that enough not to sign I. Johnson?

The training staff, Woody, and upper-management are all on board with keeping STAT out of the first or second of back-to-back games this season in order to ensure that he'll be ready for the playoffs without any setbacks. Meaning that Melo will get to play PF more but Martin and Tyler would have to take Stat's minutes/spot in the rotation and sub-in for Bargnani and Chandler. So in games that Stat doesn't play Tyler is the replacement. Its not like last season where the PF/C spot was injury riddled and lacking in production. Stat, Sheed, Camby, and Thomas all missed substantial time. So much so that NY had to thankfully sign K-Mart midway through the season after trying out journeymen Solomon Jones and Earl Barron too.

Although Ivan Johnson is a banger which NY could use a bit more of Tyler is a bigger body and 8yrs Johnson's junior. Johnson has peaked as a chiseled 6"8 PF that's game isn't pretty on offense or defense inside but effective. He can also hit a 10-15 footer.

Tyler on the other hand is the proper size for an NBA PF/C and has a world of athleticism and length. He has great footwork on offense and could also step outside and hit some jumpers. He has a lot of untapped potential and if he stays with it he could really be something.

Bringing back Al Harrington could be a possibility as well as other remaining possibilities include Toure Murry, Bobby Brown, Ivan Johnson, DeShawn Stevenson, or Dahntay Jones to fill out the last roster spot. The 15th man has to be a good decision because if there's injury or suspensions I don't want what happened this yr to happen next yr where the likes of James White 15th man had to start 16 games for such reasons. If NY fills out its roster better make it with one that can play because it was torture watching White start.

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    I love Ivan Johnson's game..He's one of my favorite players on the Hawks. He would be a good addition to any contender.

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    I thought Brown was going to get signed, but that's basically over with the Udrih signing. The 15th spot is basically useless since Woodson likes to run a tight rotation. It's going to be Felton, Prigs, Shump, Melo, Chandler probably starting. Bargs, Stat, Martin in for the 4-5 bigs. JR, Metta in for the 2-3 Guards and Forwards. Udrih in for the 1-2 Guards. Sorry but the likes of Tyler, Hardway, and Lesie are pretty useless, as well as the potential 15th man, I'd take Murray out of the bunch only if i really had to take someone like you said if a guard goes down. Shump has been working on his ball handling skills so he can be step in if need be at point.

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