Question about the show "Twisted"?

So, I missed the latest episode called "The Truth Will Out". Can someone tell me what it was about? I tried searching up online for what it was about, but I only found vague ones. I, basically, want to know every detail. Well, not every, just most of it. Thanks!

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  • 7 years ago
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    Karen (dannys mom) is in jail for 2 days, jo & lacey tell danny about his dad & regina, then the trio show jos dad all of the evidence they found. Lacey dad comes thru for a birthday party for laceys lil sister, then jo sees laceys dad kissing another man then she tells lacey. Back to karen jo dad believes karen didnt do it & danny cries tells her that he loves her & karen admits to lying about killing regina, jo & lacey become friends! :D!!!! after that danny tells jo & lacey that someone put reginas necklace in his locker after the murder, jo & lacey are pissed off at danny then they both walk away. The last 3 mins shows rico(jos friend) at the diner & he recieves a mail with the video of danny & lacey kissing so rico closes his laptop fast... FIN

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