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I just picked up my gaming computer today, that I've been thinking about getting for a while now. I got a Radeon HD 7770 with it, and the store gave me a card to get Far Cry 3. The card says "Congratulations on the purchase of your AMD product" and it tells me to visit their website, and they'll email me with a code. Will I then type this code into Steam? Or UPlay?

The reason I'm asking is because I won't be building the computer until tomorrow, and I would like to know if Far Cry 3 is a Steam-only game, because I prefer Steam over any other gaming software.

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  • Robin
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    7 years ago
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    i have far cry 3 on steam

    and it required me to still login to uplay

    and have not seen any add keys to the uplay menu so i would have to think it was steam based game

    on gamers gate game site it saids only Requires a UPlay account

    just try to add it on uplay then if it does not work do it on steam

  • 7 years ago

    That code will most likely be put into UPlay. I'm sure that the copy of FC3 they gave you will be linked to Steam, however if it isn't, just register it in your Steam account and play it from there. You will be able to play on Steam's servers just fine.

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