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I need to know ASAP!!?

I had ALL when I was 1. I was successfully put in remission by the time I was 2 and a half. However there was always signs of it and at age 8 I relapsed and fought leukemia again intill I was once again put into remission when I was 10. Now I'm 14 and my doctor tells us I have a dangerously high amount of abnormal cells but not enough to fully be considered as leukemia again (stage 0) so I have to do some maintenance chemo to prevent another relapse. He explained that this is low dosage chemo and I'll probably need one round (2 weeks drugs one week off watch then it should be over). He also said that he'll be doing target chemo which means they'll be targeting just the abnormal cells in just the spot where the high amount of cells is (my arm). What I want to know is will I lose all my hair again? Some or all? And will the amount of hair lose be noticeable to people who haven't seen me in awhile? Any info on the hair lose would be appreciated.

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    You might lose some hair. But why are you so worried about it? if its beauty you're worried about true beauty comes from the inside, not from what people think of you. If you are confident nobody will notice a difference in your hair! :)

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