Development of kids who learn more than 2 languages growing up?

I heard that people learn languages the best at 1-3 years old.

Let's say a kid learns English from their parents (whom it spends some time everyday with),

has a Chinese nanny who talks mandarin to them (for 2 days/week),

a Spanish nanny who talks Spanish to them (for 2 days/week),

spends the weekend with its German grandparents,

and goes to a French kindergarten/preschool.

How will it's language development be? What will happen? Will the kid get messed up/confused?

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  • Llyane
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    8 years ago
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    Hi, Estellar

    At that age, to the child, the words in different languages are synonyms.

    They tend to start using words from different languages in the same sentence, but they quickly adjust to the fact that some adults know some words, and other adults seem to prefer other words.

    When they grow up a little, they'll know that the words belong to different languages.

    Also, the brain of a multilingual child is much more developed than the brain of a child who learns only one language.


    Hope this helps!

    Source(s): Parisian French online coach
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