What kind of screw is this?

Two screws fell off my my violin case, causing the handle to fall off. I'm looking for replacements, but I can't identify the type of screw.

It's a 1" blunted phillip's pan head screw, but the threading only goes from the head down about 1/4 of the body, if that. The rest is smooth.

There aren't any repair shops around here (I live in a city and don't own a car, and it's hard to find this kind of specialty screw locally), so I'm looking to buy a pack of them online or something. If anyone can link me something with pictures (or better yet, somewhere to buy them!) that's the best answer for me.

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  • 7 years ago
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    From your description of the screw, it sounds like the screw is not holding the handle to the case, but rather the handle to the handle brackets. This type of screw is proprietary to the case manufacturer. When I was in business, this problem occurred a number of times and the case company sent me some replacements. But you have to know what company made your case. Otherwise, you will have to have a machinist make the screws for you.

    These screws are odd because the short threads at the head are larger than the smooth shaft and they are machine threads, not wood threads. On one case that I did not know the brand of. I bought a regular machine screw that had the correct thread size (it might be metric) and of the proper length. I then had to file the tip of the screws threads off, so that it would go into the recess on the other end of the handle bracket that is not threaded and a smaller diameter.

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    7 years ago

    Have a look at why the screw shaft extends so far. Unless it is used to align something else there is no need to buy a screw exactly the same as the ones that fell out, just use a screw with a thread length that will fit.

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    5 years ago

    No, don't use the little push-in plastic anchors. They almost always come out of the wall. Go to your local hardware or home improvement store and ask for a Bulldog anchor. They should know what you're asking for. If not, they come in either plastic or aluminum and SCREW into the drywall (not into a stud). They have a hole in the middle for the mounting screw and can support quite a bit of weight. (I have a 120 lb mirror in my living room hanging on 2 of these drywall anchors for 10 years with no problems!) Ask what screws you need as well. (to fit in the anchors)

  • im not sure the type you describe but if you can contact the manufacturer on line or phone im sure they will take care of you, if your on a bind you could use a pop rivet or small bolt with a nut with a nylon cap to protect your violin, or even a small machine screw with a threaded collar that getts drawn up as you tighten the screw a trim off excess

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  • Moe
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    7 years ago

    if you didn't buy your violin from ace hardware why would you try to buy anything to do with it from there. call the local music instrument shop

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    6 years ago

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