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Is it possible to install shake junt abec 7 bearings into my globe bantam cruiser?

My globe bantam bearings aren't very good, when I did a spin test it only lasted like 3 seconds and I lubed the bearings as well. So I was thinking of getting new bearings (shake junt) and I was wondering if it is possible to install them into my globe bantam cruiser. Sorry it this is a dumb question, i'm new to skateboarding. And by the way is shake junt only for skateboards or can it work on my globe bantam.

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    Yes its possible ,you can install any kind of bearing brand you want.

    All bearings are universal fit.

    Are you sure you really need new bearings. Cause for cruiser boards its normal for the wheels to spin a short period when you spin them by hand.. Dosent mean bearings are slow.. There not like when you spin regular skateboard wheels by hand.And they spin for a while.. Cruiser board wheels are heavy and for some reason they dont spin for a long time when you spin them by hand.. Best is to test your bearings by cruising around.. If you think its slow than go ahead and replace your bearings..etc

    Also keep in mind its normal for bearings to be or seem kinda slow at first.. They need to be braked in..After while with use they should be faster.

    Anyway yeah you can put shakejunt bearings on your cruiser.

    There might be better bearing brands though just to let you know.

  • Anonymous
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    Shake Junt Cruiser

  • hauge
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    4 years ago

    Globe Bantam Cruiser

  • 8 years ago

    How long an unloaded bearing will spin is not a good test of how well it works with weight on it. Bearings with no lubricant can spin a long time with no load but will stink once you put weight on them.

    ABEC numbers are meaningless for boards and skates. They are for vibration in high speed machines (200+ mph equivalent speeds) and the specs can actually slow them down for board and skate use. The top makers all have non-abec bearings as their best bearings.

    If your bearings have grease in them, they may take quite a distance to push excess grease to the side of the race and free up but grease will last longer in the bearing than oils and gels that start rolling faster out of the box.

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