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Why do people overvalue a healthy Rose/Granger w. Chicago/Indiana & undervalue a healthy Stat to NYK?

Amar'e Stoudemire was never more than 65% healthy last season because he was always setback by inflammation to his knees because of knee de-bridgement surgery which is a minor procedure that doesn't effect a player long-term. Therefore, Stat was on 15-20 minutes restriction when he played and NY lacked depth and were also injured in the front-court last season so Stat had to play in back-to-back situations because there was no other choice.

Stat averaged 14.2 PPG and 5 RPG with 57.7 FG% and 80.2 FT%. That's amazing production for 15-20 min reduction. He was looking like his 20/8 Stat self with the addition of having a post game on offense for once.

It took KG 30 MPG to average 14.8 PPG, 7.8 RPG on 49.7 FG% and 78.9 FT%. Stat nearly eclipsed these numbers in half the playing time practically.

This season NY's strength is in their front-court so Stat will be restricted to the 15-20 min mark of play again. But this time around he will also be held out of the 18 back-to-back games NY will have this season either the firsts or seconds of the back-to-back situation. To maintain a chance that he has a healthy season. Kind of like what Popovich does with Duncan, Ginobili, and sometimes Parker throughout the course of a regular season. Essentially, this could keep Stat's durability intact. Stat will also not participate this time in the Hakeem camp even though it yielded positive results for him because it overworked him to the point where he got injured.

Last season NY's biggest need on offense was post scoring. Melo was the only one that continuously could score in the post. Stat worked on this area of his game and results showed just that until he re-injured himself. This season Artest could help score in the post but Stat will have a large role to fill out this need if everything pans out.

The fact that this is NY's biggest need on offense shows that Stat is more important to NY than Granger is to Indiana. In fact, Granger is as injury prone as Stat and they're the same age. Indiana has shown to play better without him too. George struggled his 1st 3 seasons in the NBA as a SG on the wings with Granger @ SF. Also even with playing well this season Indiana isn't a regular season team they play better in the post-season so there aren't any assurances they finish higher in the standings than NY.

Of course Rose is the most important player on the Bulls as he gives them extra star power. However, they lost Bellinelli and Robinson to FA. Dunleavy is a nice addition but isn't impervious to injuries. What happens if he has an off year too? Rose also hasn't played a real game in a little over a year so there's rust. Not to mention Hinrich the 6th man suffered a major injury in the playoffs and if he isn't ready for the reg season the inexperienced Marquis Teague will have to log a lot of minutes. Luol Deng too suffered a serious injury and he's injury prone.


Melo and Stat were both flourishing together when Stat came back initially, Melo needed to dominate in the playoffs because the legs were taken under from Smith and Kidd and Felton was too fatigued being the night in-night out 2nd option/most consistent player for the team in the playoffs. Kidd took 22 shots in 2 series' that's more than enough for a spot-up shooter which is exactly what Kidd was at that point in his career. It's not Melo's fault he went 0-22 and shot 3-22 in the playoffs overall. J.R. Smith too had plenty of shot opportunities that didn't fall. If anything he may have shot too much. Felton too when he was fatigued just threw up any old shot. Chandler was injured and lacks a post game on offense that's not Melo's fault that he can only score off lobs and put-backs and wasn't even doing that due to injuries. The fact Tys doesn't have a face-up or back-to-the-basket game isn't on Melo. The offense lacked post-scoring and the 3 poin

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t shooters went cold.

Update 3:

@Neil Coach Woody is just that coach. He holds everyone accountable and is truly respected by his players. Its not an accident NY went from a bottom 10 to top 10 defense under Woodson and Melo started applying himself on defense as well as J.R. Smith's game matured under him as well. 72-34 (67.9%) record and 49-11 (81.6%) @ MSG is no joke especially after the way Don Cheaney, Isiah Thomas, and Mike D'Antoni ran the ship over the yrs.

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    Because heart is something that cannot be measured.

    Hope this helps.

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    With Melo on the team, no other player has a lot of value.

    Look at how the Knicks played last season, while playing the team-game(with the 3-pt shooters) they were one of the hottest teams in the NBA, the closer we got to the Playoffs, the more Melo demanded the ball, to a point where the Knicks became 1 dimensional, and easy to knock-out.

    Stat is a great player, but unless Melo leaves, it's futile. Melo needs a coach with authority, and a 2nd Superstar, that will kick his back-side if he steps out of line. He can't lead a team.

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    Amare's career ended as soon as ball chucker was traded to NYK. Melo and Amare dont work together and Amare is overpaid

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