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Why do people that don't watch the Knicks think that NY is better offensively than defensively?

2012-2013 DEFENSE:

Ranked 7th in the NBA in points allowed

*If you include points scored off fouls committed they'd be ranked 17th defensively. But that's a bad measure for a defense because sometimes fouls aren't really fouls but bad calls and sometimes a defense is playing great defense despite the fact that they committed a foul. There were times last season NY's defense looked top 3 in the NBA.

- Iman Shumpert the team's best on-ball defender and most relentless defender on the wings missed 37 games due to rehabbing an ACL tear.

- Tyson Chandler the anchor of the team's defense missed 16 games due to injury. Chandler was forced to play a ton of minutes because he had no backup to hold the defense fort down. Wallace played good defense but he missed 67 games due to injury. Camby, Thomas, and Barron/Jones were non-factors. K-Mart was a factor but he's smallish for a C.

- Melo and J.R. Smith were committed on defense especially Melo who had the most efficient yr on defense of his life.

- Prigioni was the team's best pressure defender esp compared to our other PGs. The team's defense while guarding the ball against opposing PG's wasn't exceptional as Felton was burned on defense against other G's but most of that happened after his broken hand. Before that he held his own on defense.

2012-2013 OFFENSE:

Ranked 11th in points scored; Ranked 3rd in offensive efficiency

- 2 biggest issues were that NY lacked post scoring outside of Melo. Also when teams decide not to double or triple Melo there isn't enough spacing created for the team's shooters. With tight spacing the 3pt shooting fell completely off the map and guys like Kidd, Novak, etc. struggled to score.


Ranked #1 of 16 in points allowed and both Boston/Indiana shot terrible %s against NY's defense. The factor that ultimately did NY in was their lack of rebounding against the NBA's best rebounding team Indiana, but rebounding is just as much a offensive stat as it is a defensive one.


Ranked #16 of 16 in points scored. On top of the fact there was no post scoring other than Melo. Boston and Indiana didn't double or triple him and it resulted in tight spacing so Novak didn't play because without spacing he's useless as a spot-up shooter. Kidd as a spot-up shooter took plenty of shots but went 0 for his last 22 and finished on 3-22 shooting through 2 series'. Smith didn't have as much room to penetrate without the doubles so he settled for jumpers and missed a ton as well. When Smith is penetrating it opens up the rest of his game offensively. When he isn't he could struggle on top of that he was hurt.

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    I watch the knicks every game and they need to be more physical

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