I'm writing a novel and monologues?

Recently, I'm writing a book that contains a series of monologues only. No dialogue. This book only has 6 characters. But the thing is, all of the monologues are in one plot. It's not one of the those books where each monologue has it's own story. The one I'm writing is like a puzzle. The 6 characters tell the story in monologues. Now I was inspired by a couple of books. Fishtailing by Wendy Phillips, and Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters. But lately, I feel like I might be doing something wrong. I'm not sure if I'm writing my book like these two other books, or accidentally writing it like it's going to be performed on a show. Basically, I mention the characters name, and then write the monologue about the situation.

I'm a little confused about what I'm doing. Guys? What is your view on this?

Check these links for the preview of the two books:

Spoon River Anthology:




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  • Lynn
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    7 years ago
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    I don't get it, but see no purpose in seeing what others have done. I also see no reason to see what you're doing.

    Do you know the plot?

    Do you know the characters? Are your characters distinctly different and yet, some how connected enough to make the plot work?

    Does the plot have all parts a plot is supposed to have--beginning, rising action, climax, falling action and end?

    Do you have the plan? Are you executing the plan? (Not to be confused with executing it perfectly. I've never heard of a writer or author executing a story perfectly the first time. That's what revising and editing is all about. lol)

    AND, are you copying the others you know who've done it?

    Do you get it? Then stop gnawing over if you're copying.

    I'm writing a series that starts with three characters around 10-11 years old, who meet, become friends and have amazing adventures all leading to a dramatic ending where they save all their own kind. It's will be seven books, and it's inspired by J.K. Rowling's series. Sound familiar?

    Yup, I'm copying her, except my characters are stuffed animals, don't carry wands, and aren't going to have to face a big evil wizard. They'll have to face the President of the United States (who isn't even evil in the series.) We all copy. We merely don't directly copy.

    I don't get why you're doing what you're doing or how you can make a novel out monologues. That's fine--just as long as you get it, and keep working on it until you're sure you got it right. ;)

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