What mineral is this?

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What mineral is this?

What mineral is this??? It had a label on it that fell off and I

did not find this mineral myself so i have no idea what is. Here

are some pics of it: http://imgur.com/V1Ihl2Z,d3tpcWg,xbFr0HX#0


http://imgur.com/V1Ihl2Z,d3tpcWg,xbFr0HX#2 thanks

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  • 7 years ago
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    it looks like slag

    which is a byproduct of smelting

    it has no commercial value, but some specimens can be rather interesting looking

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    7 years ago

    its either hematite or an iron meteorite

    but most likely hematite

    the way you could confirm this is fine a scrap piece of porcelain... then drag this against it

    if it leaves are red mark its definitely hematite

    if there is a college/university nearby... take it in to the earth science department...

    Source(s): geology major 3rd year
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