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Should any pastor go to Pakistan and clarify his remarks on islam?

I hope the bible is tough enough to be used as a self defense weapon.

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    Alas, any pastor going to Pakistan would not be allowed to take his Bible in with him! Sharia rules. But did you know that there are Christians who live in Pakistan and who sometimes get set up by hateful Muslims to make it look like they blasphemed their prophet and their holy book?

    I know a Christian family who had to flee Pakistan for their lives because they would not keep quiet about injustices going on in Pakistan. It is because the Muslims actually hate the Bible that there is such an impossible situation. They all declare they respect all the holy books of Judaism and Christianity, and might point to some verses in the Qur'an about that but they don't tell you this - the Jewish Hebrew scriptures (gospel) and the Christian Greek scriptures (gospel) have all been corrupted according to the Qur'an. They are not the original gospel messages God sent down. Thus the Muslim contemptuously disregard anything any Jewish or Christian person quotes from their holy scriptures if that does not agree with their beliefs. Yet they will cherry pick verses to attack Jewish and Christian believers with!

    Well, go to the site below if you want to really know what the situation in Pakistan is actually like and whether anybody stands a chance of clarifying their remarks based on the Bible!

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    If an American pastor makes disparaging remarks about any group, he should be forced by American law to make a public apology and give 2/3 of his net worth to that group. Then he should be deported. That's not what being a pastor is about.

    All American religious services should have monitors present that assure only Praise and Thanksgiving (the ONLY components of religion) take place during them. Any political or social agenda should be dealt with in the harshest terms.

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    Christian Pastor Sure Respected In Pakistan.

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    8 years ago

    Muslims are misguided by Muhammad. Muslims youth must come forward and speak the truth.

    Source(s): Quran
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    if he does he needs to take the Koran.and any remarks about Islam could get him in serious trouble.

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    Yea , Jesus commanded his so called FOLLOWERS to preach this gospel to the whole world personally . And so , I expect that those so called followers will be martyred because of their bigoted views

  • we are wanting the Pope to come to Pakistan to apologist Behead the Pope !!

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    he have to act according to Islamic Law

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    8 years ago

    No. You shouldn't if your going to be bashing other religions. People need to hold their tongues if their going to say something offensive or rude.

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