Threw Up On A Baby, How Can I Apologize?

I was over at my neighbor's a few nights ago. We had some drinks (too many for me) and later their sleeping baby started crying from her crib. I offered to go and check on her and when I went in the room to see her I leaned over the crib and threw up. I was too embarrassed to tell them so I didn't say anything but this morning I got a very peeved voice mail from them. How do I explain this and apologize? I just want to make things right again.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Alice, Alice, Alice.

    What were you thinking? Seriously chick! Of course they're pissed off anyone would be. You should have fessed up right away. All you can do now is apologize and hope they'll accept it. They may never invite you over for drinks again, but definitely apologize.

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