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If your hand goes numb for a minute, what does it mean?

A friend of mine says that her hand goes numb for a minute or so. She just fell down the stairs.

Any thoughts, besides big black toe on her foot. The black is from bruising, her arm is black and blue.

on that side. What save this person from a broken arm and leg, hang on to your railings.

She slid down the steps bare feet. It can happen. Any thoughts, should be check in with a doctor.

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    It sounds like it may be broken, or at least bruised. I'm no expert, but the people I know that have broken their arms have described similar numbness, so I'd check with a doctor. The same thing with that toe, although doctors won't do much for it. I broke my toe in June, and the bruising wasn't as bad as the bruising you described, and it didn't hurt really bad for very long, so I didn't think anything of it. Didn't find out it was broken until a few weeks ago. Also: I know what you mean about bare feet and stairs. It's the reason I hold onto railings with a death grip- I've fallen enough times, thank you very much. I also wrap my toes around the edge of the stair, to kind of latch on. I haven't fallen barefoot in a long time because of it- with shoes or socks, all the time, barefoot, nope! :) Tell your friend good luck, and I hope she feels better soon, and to go see a doctor, even though they're annoying and scary and lecture.

    Source(s): My life as a klutz. :P
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