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Is smoking weed bad for you?

I'm a little bit of a stoner. But I was wondering if it effects you long term? Is it really that bad for you?

I want to know if I should cut down on it a bit or not just because I've been smoking a lot lately because of stress. (it helps :p) I do care about what I'm doing to my body. I want to know if everything is healthy.

Thanks for your help! <3

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    With the possible exception of lung damage, which I don't mean to point to lightly, THC itself is relatively non-toxic. This is why no one ever dies from it, and people die from alcohol consumption constantly.

    It's hypocritical to point to marijuana as such a dangerous plant when you can turn around and walk into a bar and physically & mentally destroy yourself on alcohol.

    I don't smoke, or at least haven't been a regular smoker in over 20 years. I do kind of regret my irresponsibility with weed as a teen, and think kids should let themselves develop before fooling with it or any other substance.

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    I'm going to give it to you straight, everybody that says it's bad for the lungs and kills brain cells simply fell for the propaganda that was given to them in the early years. If you just look at the facts and so some basic research you see that it in fact does not kill brain cells, that was simply because of a test they did on monkeys where they gave them marijuana and suffocated them and said the lack of brain cells was because of the marijuana when in fact it was because of the lack of oxygen causing the brain cells to die. You cannot get cancer from it as the plant by itself has no known carcinogens. The only things it affects long term from my discovery is somewhat slower reaction time, nothing debilitating and it hasn't changed anything in my life. All these people trying to say it's bad are simply uneducated and if you read up for even 10 minutes you can find evidence to prove me right. Sorry for the paragraph but I like to educate as many people as I can on this topic.

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    Ive seen both sides of this very long argument. If you mix in tobacco u will have the negative effects of this too. Physically I have friends who smoke to relieve pain and they swear by it however i am getting older now and many of my friends who have smoked regular for 10 to 20 years do suffer with insomnia and depression and generally can't function without a j to start the day. My personal opinion is physically its probably not the worst drug my dad was an alcoholic and he pretty much pickled however mentally I think its quite risky.

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    No, you'll be fine. The chances of anyone getting lung cancer from smoking weed is very slim. The only thing you need to really worry about are the munchies after cx

    Smoke on :)

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    Smoking anything is not healthy. You should use a vaporizer so you're inhaling vapor rather than smoke.

    If it helps you with stress, why is that a bad thing?

    Or would you prefer to take tranquilizers and pills and drink alcohol instead? Are those somehow less harmful?

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    Depends on how you personally react to it, your stress levels and how physically fit your body is. Smoking weed occasionally won't hurt anyone but like alcohol if your not fit to handle the substance or you abuse it, that's a probleme.

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    Yes it is bad for you it kills brain cells and it weakens your lungs Because you are filling up your lungs with harmful smoke. Try joining a sport or jogging around you Neighborhood or some sort of exercise because it is good for your body and it helps GET RID of stress and not just put it of to deal with it later.

    Source(s): I used to be a heavy stoner and exercise help me more then anything
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    no.... puff away... all those people who say yes have brain washed by the GOV.

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    yes. its bad for you! cancer and what not. lung disease. all of these can be effects of smoking anything.

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    yes, its a drug, it affects your brain cells.

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