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Help..concerns of down syndrome?

I am 22 years old and this is my first pregnancy..

I did the blood and the ultrasound test at 12 weeks pregnant it came out good.

THAN i did another ultra-sound at 24 weeks pregnant and they found that the fluid of the neck increases which could be a sign of down syndrome.

The doctor not to worry because she not worry about it it just a slight increase and that blood test was low anyways however it still bother me. like WHY does my baby neck is THICK!

so she then call me telling me i should go see a genetic doctor to tell me if i would need the amno test or not.

Did anyone went through this saturation where for some odd reason there thickness in the baby neck but the baby turn out HEALTHY ??

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    The risk of Down Syndrome is still probably low. She is suggesting a geneticist because she doesn't want to get sued if your baby does have Down Syndrome, and possibly because she doesn't understand how to interpret one high risk and one low risk marker.

    The term for what's large in your baby is the "nuchal fold".

    When the nuchal fold is large, when the blood work (the AFP, I assume) is low risk, then the over all chances are that the baby doesn't have Down syndrome.

    I googled "high nuchal fold, low AFP" and found a post by a woman (user name megan722) who like you had a high nuchal fold and low AFP in the second trimester, and her baby has been born without Down Syndrome:

    I would not get the amnio. There is a risk of miscarriage with one, and I know that I would want to keep a baby with Down Syndrome anyways. If you do not want to keep a baby if he or she has Down Syndrome, then I would like to remind or inform you that there are people willing and eager to adopt babies with Down Syndrome (me even).

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