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Rabies vaccine and illness?

Has anyone else had their dog get sick from a rabies vaccination? My friends dog became very ill back in June when it received the rabies vaccinations. The previous year she had also broke out in hives but this year she became very ill. It took 2 steroid shots,a shot for nausea and a shot to hydrate her. Poor thing did not eat much, drink much, broke out in hives and vomited. This was over the course of 7 days with her getting sicker each day. The vomiting and hives were the last symptoms to appear. The first 3 years of her life she had no issues with a rabies vaccine.


Erin...that is what her vet suggested but she does not want to risk her getting sick again. From what we have read while doing research it does not always help. We are trying to see how big of a problem this is becoming.We have already seen a few other report of dogs getting sick from it. We have also discovered that there are many other side effects that may not show up until years Fibrosarcoma (cancer) at the injection site...

Seizures and Epilepsy


Autoimmune diseases, including organ disease, allergies and skin problems

Chronic digestive problems

Muscle weakness, especially lack of hind end coordination

Chronic digestive disorders

Skin diseases like Ischemic Dermatopathy / Cutaneous vasculitis

Behavior problems: aggression, destructive behaviors, separation anxiety and odd obsessive behaviors (like tail chasing and paw licking)

Update 2:

Tabatha....are you aware that in the US it is mandatory that dogs have the rabies vaccine. The vet must exempt them due to severe health risks. I know all about the controversy with vaccines. We are just trying to find out how many people on here have dogs getting sick from the vaccine.

Update 3:

Just found out my neighbor's old dog had 2 cancerous tumors that had to be removed so the vet exempted her from the shot.

Update 4:

Tabatha....I do not vaccinate my dogs after age 3 with anything but the rabies vaccine because I believe it is not necessary after their resistance is built up. This is the first time my friend and I have heard of dogs getting sick or dying from rabies vaccinations. We have researched it and found that there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of dogs getting sick from it and wondered how many people in the DS have had their dogs get sick from it. My friend knows to have her vet exempt her dog from it in the future.

We are not looking for information on the effects of vaccines only a general number of issues with the rabies vaccine from people on here.

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    This dog does not need to ever be given the rabies shot again. First it is not necessary and next what the vet is doing is poisoning her. You can research it but all 7 of the major veterinary collages are changing its procedures because animals are being over vaccinated and they are killing them by this. This dog WILL die is she keeps getting the shots that she does not need.

    Edit- Yes I am aware of this however I also know of dogs that this shot has killed. My dogs do not get unnecessary shots ever and being that I have greyhounds I also have mine exempt from it because greyhounds can not metabolize things that other dogs that have fat reserves can.

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    The next time they give her a rabies vaccine, the vet should treat her with an antihistamine injection about 30 minutes before she gets the shot.

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    Personally I'd totally avoid that shot. My dog had a reaction to the Lepto vaccine this year....overnight his eyes swelled up and he had localized seizures. That is the last time he will get that shot!!! Listen to your gut's never wrong, even if everyone else is telling you differently.

    Source(s): Trainer and companion to 4 lovely dogs, plus we foster rescues :)
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