I have a questions about using external flash?

Hello everyone, I have just bought A Canon EOS Rebel T3i SLR Digital Camera; bought the external flash separate. I have novice experience with taking pictures, so I was wondering when should you apply the flash to your camera and when not to apply the flash to your camera. Do I use the external flash along with the built in flash that have already came with the camera? I just want to make sure the my pictures have the best image quality.

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  • 8 years ago
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    What Deep Blue said.

    Also, if you mount the flash on the camera, you cannot use the popup flash. There is a switch in the hot shoe that disables the popup flash if there is something mounted in the shoe.

    You don't mention which flash you have, and that makes a huge difference in how you use the flash. A manual flash is actually a better unit, but it requires much more work on your part. A fully auto TTl flash is much easier to use, but will do things you didn't want it to do. There are work arounds for many of the exposure issues caused by TTL flash, but you have to practice those techniques to get the results you want out of a TTL flash.

    In either case, read the manual for both the camera and the flash. Then read them again, with the camera and flash in your hands, and practice what the manual says.

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    You use flash when;

    - there's not enough light

    - you want to reduce the contrast in a scene

    - you want some fill flash if your subject is backlit

    - you want control of the light rather than using ambient (ie you shoot with flash only & kill the ambient light)

    - you want to blend flash & ambient together.

    You either mount the external flash on the camera (in which case you cannot use your pop-up flash) OR if the flash has a 'slave' mode, you could use it off camera & use the pop-up flash to trigger it.

    If you mount the external flash on camera, assuming it has a tilt/swivel flash head, you could bounce the light off a nearby neutral coloured surface for softer, directional light.

    If the flash you have has TTL control, then the flash will automatically set the power output for you (note: like most Auto things, it doesn't always get it right). If the flash is purely manual, then you will have to set the power output on the flash.

    Source(s): I use a LOT of off camera flash http://www.flickr.com/photos/deepbluephotography/
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    You use flash when light is low like indoors and at night. To simplify things, use the external flash in TTL mode instead of the built-in flash. Read both the manuals of the camera and the flash on how to correctly go about it.

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