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? asked in Consumer ElectronicsGames & GearPC · 8 years ago

I need help with Steam downloading?

I have an internet connection of 60mb/s (download speed) and 10mb/s (upload speed). When i run a speedtest connection i get around 40mb/s (download speed) and 8mb/s (upload speed). But on steam i barely get up to 1mb/s download speed. Is there anything i can do to boost it up?

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  • Tsui
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    8 years ago
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    The 60Mbps Download/10Mbps Upload results you saw probably amount to domestic traffic as most Speed Test websites, such as, will automatically suggest or choose a server that is nearest to your actual location of connection and, most likely, you'll be transmitting and receiving at high speeds due to the close proximity of the server. Because not all websites are hosted within 100 miles from your home, it's safe to assume that the results are generic and do not speak for every single website on the entire planet.

    On Steam, however, you should have been asked to choose a location that is closest to your location (or probably your home country.) This helps Steam pick out the best servers to download from, as Steam has implemented many servers and Content Distribution Networks ("CDNs") around the world for faster downloading by the masses of gamers. If your location changed or if you're on vacation... or you picked out an inaccurate location, there's no worry - you can easily change that within the Steam client. Because Steam relies on this data to pick out the best download location for the fastest speed, it's important that you change this in accordance with your current download location.

    To do this, simply log onto Steam and head onto the Settings dialog. Head on over to the Downloads tab and look at "Download Region." Select the region that is closest to you by administrative distance, if you know where your Internet traffic routes around (for the tech-proficient), or physical distance (if you just aren't sure about administrative distances.) For example, I live in New Jersey and my strongest route where almost all of my Internet traffic hits is in New York City - I'd pick "US - New York" (as pictured: and click OK to accept the settings. (NOTE: A restart of the Steam client will be required if settings were changed.)

    If you weren't able to change a setting because that was the best setting possible OR you changed your settings to the best settings possible and you are STILL experiencing the same slow download speeds, please consider

    - Closing unnecessary open applications

    - Pause any unimportant downloads from other applications

    - Check with other members of the household using a shared connection, if applicable

    - Keeping networking drivers (for Wireless Cards, Ethernet/FastEthernet/GigabitEthernet Cards, or USB NICs ["Network Interface Cards"]) up-to-date.

    - If any of the above still do not increase your network speeds, please consider contacting your Internet Service Provider - they could be having a networking issue between you and Steam's CDNs (which is very unlikely unless in a rural location.)

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