Youtube video to windows movie maker?

I need a youtube video to be converted so i can use it in windows movie maker...i've tried a lot of sites but im not that great with computers so...anyone have any DEFINITE ways of doing this? I have an oldish version of windows movie maker and i use xp so i dont know if that changes anything.. thanks!

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  • 7 years ago
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    This Asker also needed to download and convert to WMV files to use in Movie Maker. (The XP version of Movie Maker, 2.1, can only use WMV files.) Watch the video then read the steps and look at the screenshots that show how to set up the Downloader to convert to WMV.

    Important: watch the installation of the Downloader closely because it shows you how to opt out of the bundled freebies that you don't want to downloadf by choosing "Custom Installation". No, the freebies are not malware, not viruses or spyware, but you still don't want to end up with a different homepage or a VPN (Hotspot is a proxy server).

    NOTE: The XP and the Vista versions of Movie Maker are still the best ones!

    Source(s): I use the Freemake Downloader and made the tutorial linked to in the answer.
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