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I normally poop a lot on my period, but THIS has never happened to me before! Help!?

When I started this period, the next morning I woke up, went to the bathroom. All normal-like.

Then when I sat down to "Do my business", I had a large amount of blood loss. (My periods are generally light and painless) Along with blood loss and taking a dump, I became very light headed, cold sweats, hard time concentrating, could only hear myself breathe, popped ear drums, half closed eyes, dizzy, and I was literally swaying side to side. Later that day I puked.

Each period after that I puked once per period. Even though my periods are back to normal...

What could of happened to me that day?

And why am I puking per period now?

Thanks in advance to all answers, it's really appreciated.


Age: 14

Weight: 84lbs

Height: 5'3"

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    You sound under weight to me... But please see a doctor it could be something worse!

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