Why can't the Win 7 installer see my new hard drive? Please read below?

l need to re-install Win 7 and I want to put it on a larger drive. I don't want to reformat & reinstall on the old drive.

I installed the new drive and used Disk Management to format it in NTFS and it seems to work properly. Then I powered the system down, disconnected the old drive and rebooted from the Win 7 CD with only the new drive connected.

The Win 7 installer says I have no drives and asks for installation media.

When I tried to use DiskPart during the install it saw the drive but said that there was no space on it. There was plenty of space when I tried it out in Windows.

When I booted from the CD with both drives connected the Win 7 installer saw both of them. So for some reason the installer needs to have the old drive installed in order to see the new one. I don't want to install Win 7 on the new drive while the old one is still installed and then have some weird dual boot situation that I have to fix later.

Apparently this topic was discussed at length in the forums a few years ago and I couldn't find any definite fix for it. And nothing recent.

Is there a fix for this that an amateur like me can do? Could a professional shop do this for me?


I already did all the things suggested in the two responses before I submitted the question. And a whole lot more. I even went so far as booting from the Windows XP cd, partitioned & formatted the new hard drive that way. The I installed XP and it was working fine. Then I booted from the Win 7 disk and the installer could not see any drive.

I can't remember exactly how I installed Win 7 on this computer 3 years ago. But I think I must have used a Win 98 start up floppy disk, used FDisk to prepare the hard drive and then booted the Win 7 disk from the DOS commands on the floppy.

I have been reading about this particular issue. Forums are full of unanswered questions and suggestions that do not work. I am beginning to think that my 6-year-old motherboard is the problem but it works prefectly in every other way.

I still seem to have the option of booting from the Win 7 disk, reformatting & re-installing on to the existing hard drive. But I want to know why my system c

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  • 8 years ago
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    when you unplug the old HDD

    plug the new HDD into that same SATA Port the old HDD was plugged in to

    some machines freak when Port 0 is not connected

    when you boot the win7 install CD and use Diskpart

    do the following

    > list disk

    > select disk n (n is the number given by list disk)

    > clean

    > create partition primary size=MB

    use size=MB if you aren't using the whole HDD for C:\

    size=64000 for 64GB

    size=120000 for 120GB


    if you are using the full size of the HDD then write it without the size=MB

    > create partition primary

    only create the first partition if you are planning on dividing the HDD

    then continue with the installation


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    8 years ago

    Using the old drive, go back and remove the partition you put on the new drive completely. I have seen Windows installer not work on some drives that already have a partition and been formatted.

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