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can ps3 play ps4 games?

I ask this because I'm going to buy a PS4 after Christmas when I've got some money and hopefully when the price drops a little, but I'd rather get the games for Christmas and play them on my PS3 for a bit before I get the PS4, that way I'll own actual PS4 games for my PS4 when I get it, and not just the PS3 versions with digital 'upgrades' that Sony is talking about. (I want to get the games for Christmas so my parents will buy them and I can save some money, but I don't think they'd stretch as far as a new console too for Chrismas, so that's why I've developed this method). Hope everyone actually understands what I'm trying to say. Any help would be appreciated here

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    The PlayStation 3 is vastly underpowered in comparison with the PlayStation 4. They're also using completely different hardware which makes it impossible for the PlayStation 4 to play PlayStation 3 games and vice versa. Unfortunately, if you want to play PS4 games you'll need to purchase a PS4. You also won't be able to play any of your current PS3 games on the PS4 except by using the online streaming service that Sony has announced.

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    Kind of. The new games that are coming out in the first year of PS4 will probably be released on PS3 but after about a year than they will usually stop.

    So all PS3 games can be played on PS4. And about the first year of PS4 games will be released for PS3 also but you will have to buy the PS3 version.

    And what that guy said ealier about not playing PS3 games on the PS4 is wrong. They made a big deal saying they would at E3 to capitalise on Microsofts mistake of making it so you can't

  • The PS3 came out approx. 6 years ago, so they didn't even know about the PS4 back then. The answer is no, it can't play PS4 games because then there would be no point in making a PS4 and they would have just made PS3 games.

    Have a nice day!

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    You can play PS3 games on the PS4 but not the other way around.

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    When they made ps3 ps4 games weren't invented !

    The format isn't the same, they changed things you can only play them on ps4

    they are only made for the ps4

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    You can not play ps3 games on the ps4

    You cannot play ps4 games on the ps3

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    Nope, they can't. Get a PS4. PS4 can play any Playstation game out there.

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    what a stupid question no.

    only ps4 can play ps3 games

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    6 years ago

    No, it probably won't

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