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Have you ever known an adult to change eye color?

One of my kids used to have blue eyes, which gradually turned grey-green in his teens. His eyes are now turning a yellowish green, or hazel color in his 20s. You'd never guess that his eyes were a true blue through grammar, middle and high school.

Have you ever heard of anything like this happening? I have another kid with blue eyes and another kid with brown eyes. I have blue eyes. Their dad had really weird colored eyes. His eyes were yellowish hazel, but they had rings of other colors, ranging from dark blue to brown around the irises. (I've never seen anyone with distinct rings of color around their irises.)

The kid whose eyes are changing colors doesn't have least, not yet!

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    Yes, I have heard of this. My mom's eye color was blue until she was 25 and then it turned into a greyish- green.

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