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Schutzhund questions drifting towards a few seperate things gender etc.?

So ive been looking up schutzhund and ive decided i want my next puppy to grow up and be a level 3 in trainning assuming i don't get the odd ball out... I plan on buying from a breeder who sells puppies specifically for working lines of the dog. Currently i have a 2 year old shepherd rott weiler cross... But she isnt exactly the most courageous out of the breed her father was in police work but she was the runt of the litter so she was the one with the least amount of courage and i was told she was babied by her owners she is a great girl dont get me wrong ive trained her so that she listens pretty solid but shes not schutzhund capable so i decided when i get a new dog or maybe another one in a few years not sure yet. i will be placing him/her into schutzhund... Now here's the question i mainly wanted to ask in order to have a good dog who listens you have to be pack leader now ive dont a very very good job with that with her but i was told that you need to tell them where they can eliminate and sometimes one pee from a male will make him think he's alpha i was thinking about getting a male because i have noticed males generally do better in the long run for schutzhund herding, dog competitions etc...i was only worried about the part where if the male pee's he might try to take over being the alpha. i will assert a alpha role as soon as i get him but i dont want it to be to much of a problem i know some submissive dogs can do it but generally the more middle lined dogs are better for this.. My main questions are Male. Vs female In a typical situation which is better? (Note im a outdoors guy and i know males typically have more energy then females as they get older so that could be good for the dog but good for the female aswell. ) If i end up getting a dominant dog male or female how would i constantly show that im the alpha not him typical ways he is gonna challenge me at every minute if he see'[s a apportunity to be the leader of the pack.. and how do i start trainning him as a pup to watch me and realise i want him to focus on me so i can teach him the other basics in a few weeks.. thanks. (I dont use the computer much so i can't really spell on it.. sorry lol xP)


Lorraine - I heard CCC not FFC. But thank you... Anyways I have never hit my dog nor do i ever plan to. I know its all about the subtle things like being ahead on walks walking up the stairs first but there is a few things i have heard. One being from cesar milan. I read on of his books it said 15 mins of walking 10 of sniffing etc and i heard some where else if a male pee's one he can think of himself as alpha (without me telling him he can go ofcourse). Him doing it out of HIS own will. So i kinda found that the only part i may have difficulty with..

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    Here's how you start training a pup to watch you.... this is a friend of mine. Just click on the link and you will see how he does it with his 10 week old pup. This dog is now two and in obedience as well as his other three.

    Don't get too into this 'dominance' thing and although I do not allow my dogs to just pee when they want to that is just a case of if I have got two, three or four rottweilers I do not want them stopping and peeing when they feel like it. They WILL walk on until told to relax.

    There are ways of asserting dominance in a SUBTLE way that is far far far better than a harsh way. The dog that is truly 'with' you will work for you because it wants to and it loves it, not because it is afraid of you.

    The best advice I can give you for showing leadership is NILIF... subtle but convincing.. google it. When I get a foster rottie in, particularly some of the big males then they don't know me and I don't know them. I am not about to go grabbing their collar and hauling them up ( I only weigh 7 1/2 stone anyway)... but I win them round VERY quickly through sheer commitment that the dog is no way going to mess me around and they learn it very quickly, but I NEVER need to be brutal with them. I'd end up with a few bites if I did.

    FIRM - FAIR - CONSISTENT is the key.


    I do understand what is being said, and many people with males would say to control it a little so that the dog doesn't just mark up all over the place. I agree... hence I always walk onlead for a while and they are not allowed to pee until released. But the peeing is not a key thing for you to worry about.

    The last thing you want in a dog is such a robot that the dog won't even pee unless told to. There is a balance so don't go thinking the pee thing is too much of a big deal. It would become part of the NILIF if needed I would agree. NILIF can become a very strong tool and can be used in a small or large way. I always find ie.. if you have a dominant dog that if you come in and ignore him for 5 mins before saying hello then he soon gets the message that he isn't as important as he thinks he is... or if you walk through a door that he expects to go through with you, but you shut the door behind you. Hurts me to do this but sometimes necessary. Amazing how quickly they get the message that they are not going to get their own way all the time.

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