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Why did yahoo change the pages, sports page looks terrible I hate it?


So a Yahoo member asks me to comment on the sports forum page, just look at all the other complaints, mine is exactly the same, hard to read, need whitespace, dysfunctional at best, it was fine before, now it sucks, I would go to the forum and answer, but I refuse to go to the sports page until it changes back, next thing I will do is start writing advertisers, that is when Iwill go back to the sports page, so I can see who the advertisers are.

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  • Nixon
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    7 years ago
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    Guy -

    The Yahoo! Sports team would like to hear your feedback:

    We appreciate your comments and thank you for choosing to use Yahoo!

  • Truth
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    7 years ago

    who knows why .. but I contacted and voiced my opinion . You should do the same ..I hate purple ....!!!

  • 7 years ago


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