What is a good career path for me?

I have a bit of an internal conflict. I really love theatre, and am an okay singer. I love to act, but I know a future in theatre is definately not for me. I am a fair actress especially.because I have "lived" more than many people my age (I've been rich and I have been dirt poor, I traveled extensively, I know the delight from clicking with a certain thing, whether its kayaking or watching theatre. I know what loss is like, and I have lived in fear )

I am a colour guard (I spin flags and other apparatus) and through that, I learned that I really love attention and spinning.

I also love designing clothes (particularly haute couture), and I carry my design book everywhere.

I wanted to be a surgeon for about 3 monthes and changed.my mind when I considered.the time.I would have to study and the costs and also how i dont really want to do the job (I'm not afraid of blood, or cutting people open though)

The big problem for me is that I am asian and my parents will not support me if I don't choose lawyer, doctor or dentist ect. Just thinking about those careers makes me feel like my insides are being drained. I am at the top of my class, so school work.is not a problem; its the fact that I might be missing out on life's real experiences. I don't love studying as much as learning and acting and design. I also want to be able to prove ro my parents that I dont have to be a lawyer or.anything like that to live a well funded life. (The subject of many lectures is that becausr they worked so hard to.give us a stable financial base, we have to work to raise us higher up)

I cant just ignore them; they are my parents.

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  • 7 years ago
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    This is a common problem in many cultures. Parents always want what's best for their kids however they don't think about the kids wants. In my personal opinion, you can do what they want and not feel bad about "betraying" them but you will never be as happy as you can because you won't be doing what you love. You do what you love and your parents won't be happy at first. Or maybe for a while. But if they see you made it and your living well and your HAPPY, they will be happ too

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