Ok Ino i Said thiis Already But Il Be More Specific. its a Movie I Watched and Its a Dinasour Movie with a Guy?

The Movie that me and My Twin Sister Bin tryina To Find is a Movie About a Boy but Hes Being Played By A Man Acting Like a Kid Right And His Parents Sent him away to His UNCLES House Becouse He was To Jumpy and Playful and they Didnt want to Take Care of him so they Sent Him away and when they sent Him away he was Like a Total Opposite From Oll the Other Boys and He went to a Amusment Park and it was Filled with Dinasour Rides and Stuff and Yeah there were people that didnt Like Him cuz he didnt fit in but he didnt no cuz he acted Like a 8 Year Olf and OMG It was Sooooowaaaaa GOOOOOD Like I Need Someone to Help me Serch and find it I watched it like back in 2004 2005 ish and Omg It was SO Good and ever since i watched it Then I Bin Looking All Over for that Movie Like really U Guys PLEASE Help me find that Moviee and In the Movie and Il Discribe how he Looked Like Ok So Hes. A White guy Being Played as A Kid thats His Role Ok and hes White to and He had like a Short Hair Bob cut up to His Ears And ALLL OMG Please someone Help Me find my Childhood LONG LOST MOVIE PLEASEEE Bin looking for Years PLEASE Someone Search and Help me Find It TODAY PLEASEEEE I Begg its Killing me Not Finding Itt OMGGGG Cries it would Mean Alot so Help Me Find It

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  • 7 years ago
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    Hahahaha I think you're referring to the movie called "Clifford".. Lol that movie is funny!

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