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Is dura-whelp a good whelping box?

I am thinking about breeding my shih tzus and I want to make sure I know the best brands for whelping boxes, I know that there are many dogs in shelters but in the area I live in many people want shih tzus, and if I can't find homes for them I am ready to raise and keep them all. I will also make sure the new owners know that I will at any age take back the puppy for any reason.


I am reading everything I can find about breeding and I am going to have both dogs tested, I am just wondering if it is a good brand and I'm not a 100% sure I am going to breed her I just want to know everything I can so I can make an educated decision. And she isn't old enough yet to be breeder yet that's why I'm asking this now.

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    Well, tap the brakes a bit. You have to have limits on the reasons people can return a dog, or you'll get every nut that impulsively buys a puppy then get buyer's remorse. How about guaranteeing the health of the puppy for 2 weeks. And if they return it, they have to have written verification from a vet that the puppy has a health issue. you'll find homes, trust me. you don't need to go spend a bunch of money on a whelping box, the bottom half of a plastic shipping crate lined with towels will be fine. put some old towels or newspaper in it then when she's done, just put a nice clean folded blanket in there. Have a vet or emergency clinic on hand if things don't go as they should.

    and this is not going to be popular with the liberal crowd, but this shelter pet thing is over rated. It is nothing more than another big business. You can see this by looking at the fees they charge for the pets, most of the time it is not much less than a pure bred puppy from a responsible breeder. Most responsible pet owners are not letting their dogs run at random to let them breed, that is the irresponsible idiots .A lot of pet purebred dogs are in shelters because people did not think their decision through, bought a puppy and had trouble housetraining it and are tired of the dog pee and poop in their house, so they say things like, we don't have time for a dog. It's not fair that the dog doesn't get any attention. I work long hours. Oh please it's a dog, they sleep 20 hours a day. They're happy to just sit by you when you watch TV or are on the computer. That's a copout. These shelters are full because they also bring in dogs from other counties and states. It's a big business here folks, us hobbyist breeders aren't the problem. People want nice purebred puppies that have been well cared for.

    Breed your Shih Tzus. Enjoy the cute little bundles of love and don't feel guilty. Be sure to get their shots you can do this yourself. get them from Tractor Supply or a livestock feed store. The clerks can show you how to do this. Toy breed are prone to hypoglycemia, so keep a bottle of Karo corn syrup on hand and if they get listless and mopey, give a spoonful of it. you'll do fine.

    EDIT Ok Annette, you ARE trying to scare her.

    Eclampsia is a lack of calcium in the mother. Labor uses a lot of the resources from the mothers bodies and the calcium is quickly depleted during labor. Give her a Tums antacid when she goes into labor and you can mostly prevent this. Cut into small pieces and put it down her throat like a regular pill if she won't eat it in a hotdog. One Tums should be quite sufficient for a Shih Tzu.

    During her pregnancy feed her an egg a few times a week with the shell. The shell is a very high source of calcium that helps keep her levels up. chop it into fine pieces.

    yes it's work to raise a litter. These are Shih Tzus not Great Danes. It shouldn't take more than an hour to clean up the box twice a day. Mom takes most of the care of the pups until about 3 weeks. and I can assure you I don't spend thousands of dollars to produce a litter. and mine are Dobermans. Tail docking... eats lot's of food.... BIG puppies. My mean cost to raise a pup is about 200.00 each & 400.00 if I crop the ears before selling.

    Let's just be real honest here and quit being such a naysayer to someone who just might really enjoy this and take good care of the pups so people don't have to go to puppy mills for a puppy. Nice purebred pups come from somewhere and Annette, we ALL start somewhere.'re a breeder. This person is not....big friggin difference. If they decide to become a breeder, it sounds like they are sensible and will further educate themselves. My pups are also guaranteed for what the laws provide for in my state. But a home breeder just trying this out isn't able to guarantee a puppy for 10 years from we can. And if you guarantee parvo past 2 weeks after the puppy going home, you're a fool. Parvo can be picked up anywhere. After 2 weeks it wouldn't be from your place. all it takes is an unknowledgeable person taking a puppy outside the window of susceptibility to a big box pet store one time to get parvo...that's isn't a breeder's fault. And if you don't know what these terms are, better educate yourself.

    I again say this:

    if you want to breed your Shih Tzus, go ahead. It's a lot of fun. It's not work if you enjoy it.

    Source(s): Doberman breeder.
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  • 4 years ago

    Dura Whelp

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Is dura-whelp a good whelping box?

    I am thinking about breeding my shih tzus and I want to make sure I know the best brands for whelping boxes, I know that there are many dogs in shelters but in the area I live in many people want shih tzus, and if I can't find homes for them I am ready to raise and keep them all. I will also...

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    Haha people wanting shih tzu FUNNY I have personally had to raise and regime 3 littlers of "PUREBRED" Shih Tzus this year alone mother and all cause the owner thought he'd make some money or the owner though people wanted her puppies after all she saw many people on Craigslist and tell her but guess what then they all fell though and the person didnt have the money if people wan one tell them to go look in a shelter or on pet finder not yours dogs ovaries or sperm I mean why would you WANT to put your poor girl through pregnancy labor then annoying puppies she didn't want I mean some females will stop eating or kill the puppies and a female should NEVER breed over the age of 4 or under the age of 2 and a male must be over the age of 2 and under the age of 5 so no you shouldn't do that. I'm sorry I this is harsh but every time my family and me go back to foster a little it's either Shih Tzus Chihuahuas or Labradors or Pit so not more if they want a puppy adopt one they are all the same cute as a button and also expensive and somewhat frustrating. Also let me tell you that it isn't a pretty thing to do you could accidentally had related dogs last set we fostered 3 died of blood diesease due to in breeding and the guy knew it that's why mom was thrown in the shelter with her pups because some educated him on the effects it had

    Source(s): Sorry I don't support you on this. All dogs will make cute puppies but aww their puppies would be so cute and pretty and aww I want her to experience motherhood well it hell for the mom stressful and usually unwanted and end up sick dead or full or parasites and if you want to still breed her go to someone's house with puppies and watch mom "interact" when them she usually is trying to get away and annoyed a.k.a bitchy or a bitch which is why people say that
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    First, what breed is the dog? I have a fifty lb. boxer who we recently bred and her whelping box is 4 ft X 4 ft. Build a box with four sides and a bottom and MAKE SURE you build what is called a puppy rail or pig rail. This is a small ledge that goes around all four sides of the box about 3 inches deep and 3 inches off the ground. This helps to keep the mother from rolling on the puppies and suffocating them because the puppies can hide underneath the rail or get pushed under it when the mother lies down. Make the all four sides about two ft. tall. Also, try to build a small door in the front so you can let the mother in and out without trying to jump over. She will need to get away from the puppies every now and then for a break to eat, drink and relieve herself. Please do not leave water in the box as the small puppies can crawl into the bowl and drown. Please get your dog spayed after this. Did you know that she was in season when you left her at the kennel? I can't believe that the kennel would even let her around other dogs. Well, good luck.

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    7 years ago

    Okay, before I start, I have a couple questions:

    • Are you a professional breeder?

    • Are you prepared to spend thousands of dollars on the puppies?

    • Are you familiar with the risks the mother will have to take? She could easily die or be injured during the birthing process.

    About Dura-Whelp - I haven't used it myself, as I don't breed dogs. But I have some relatives who use it, and they say it's a great product. There are reviews you can find all over the Internet, so make sure you do a little research before you buy it.

    And do a LOT of research about breeding your dogs. From what I can tell, you haven't done it before, so read up on EVERYTHING. Okay?

    Good luck.

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  • Ama
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    7 years ago

    Please do not breed your dogs just because there is a demand for them.

    You should only breed your dogs to improve the breed/if the breeding will result in something you want. There is much more to breeding then putting an intact male with a female in heat.

    Get involved with the parent club for your breed, start showing and earning titles for your dogs. Before they breed you need to do genetic screening on them and only breed them if they pass. You should be breeding stable dogs with good temperaments. Only breed dogs that are of breeding quality/breed standard.

    The dura-whelp does look to be a good whelping box but again, please don't breed your dogs just because the breed is in demand.

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  • 7 years ago

    Before you breed your dogs I recommend you talk very carefully with a good, small time breeder (not a USDA licensed puppy mill)

    Ask yourself WHY you wish to breed your dogs. If you want to breed your dogs because you'd like the extra income it will provide I am here to tell you, from personal experience, raising a litter of puppies costs more than you think. You will not make a profit. The only way people can make a profit on puppies is if they raise a TON of puppies and do not treat the dogs and puppies right... OR they charge a very large amount for their puppies.

    Puppy mills choose the former, fanciers with champion lines choose the latter.

    Also a good small-time breeder will tell you that you are in for a world of work. Raising a litter is SO SO much work. Puppies are eating and pooping machines. And they LOVE to walk through their food and their poop and pee and they track it everywhere. They constantly paw and play with one another. Basically, if you are not continuously cleaning the whelping box (and their nursery when they get older) and regularly bathing the puppies you will have a disgusting, smelly, unsanitary and cruel mess of pups on your hands (which no one will want to adopt).

    That isn't even touching on the many health problems that can occur in the dam and/or the puppiesAre you prepared to hospitalize your ***** if she develops eclampsia? If not she will die. There is absolutely no home-cure for eclampsia.

    Are you prepared to lose pups?

    Finally one of the most time consuming jobs is finding good homes. You will have to spend many, many hours posting ads and interviewing dozens of potential families. There might be plenty of people wanting your dogs, but don't discount the hours upon hours of educating you will have to do to ensure that the families of your puppies will be fully happy with their new pup and will be fully prepared to care for that dog for life.

    Do you know the laws in your state? Are there so-called Puppy Lemon Laws? Are you prepared to pay monetary damages in a lawsuit brought against you by unhappy adopters? Is your house and family protected from such a suit?

    You can limit the chances of this happening by ensuring your dogs are in perfect form and are perfect candidates for breeding and by spending hours of time choosing families to adopt your babies, but you are taking a risk

    Vaccines can cause life-threatening reactions in puppies. I almost lost a puppy once because of a vaccine. Do you know which vaccines are high-titer?

    Raising puppies is a wonderful and rewarding hobby. But please be fully aware of as much as possible before you embark. It may sound like I am trying to scare you off of breeding, but I am not. I am simply being 100% honest with you. Raising a litter of puppies is more work than you can possibly imagine. The vast majority of people who decide to try breeding never breed a second litter. you'll either break even or you will lose money on the venture... and that is NOT counting all your hours of labor!!

    EDIT= I strongly disagree with Dobiegal. You should ALWAYS allow people to return a dog for ANY REASON. I, in fact, have a contract that all my families sign and it says outright that they promise to contact me in the unfortunate event the dog needs to be re-homed and if a suitable new forever home cannot be found the dog is to be returned to me!

    Secondly a two week health guarantee? Really? I give a full year health guarantee and a lifetime guarantee for life threatening genetic defects. Most genetic defects don't occur until a dog is well over breeding age, so even yearly screens don't always catch problems. That is why it is imperative that you are fully aware of your parent dogs' genetics and lines as much as humanly possible. I would never ever buy a dog from a person who didn't do both of those things.

    Furthermore you should not have people returning dogs because they have "buyers remorse" due to impulse purchasing. If you are selling dogs to impulse buyers then you are a horrible breeder. Period. The end. You should be interviewing potential owners and turning away those that don't meet strict criterion.

    I have a very long waiting list for our puppies. If you are a good breeder people will line up for your dogs. You will have the ability to pick and choose only the very best homes for your babies. That is your reward for being a good breeder.

    Source(s): I'm a dog breeder- as a hobby and not for profit
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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    For the best answers, search on this site

    Two females are not going to want to be in the same area with their pups. Either female could kill the other pups or a fight could start with the mothers and injure them. They need to be in totally separate places. Even if you know their temperaments, they can change in this situation.

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  • 7 years ago

    Spay and neuter your damn dogs and dont be another clueless BYBer. So what if people want mutts like yours. You only care about the money you will make off breeding your mongrels, nothing more

    The fact you have to ask shows you are a BYBer and the fact you want to breed for nothing other then greed shows you are a BYBer

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