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what are some good deathcore breakdowns?

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    So cry me a f****** river, B****! ~Romance Is Dead by Parkway Drive

    Well to that, I say you're a c***! ~Antivist by Bring Me The Horizon

    Admit that I just did it b**** ~Make It Precious by Make Me Famoous

    Your face looks better bleeding. OH! ~Hanging Hoes By Their Toes by Buried In Verona

    Wrath of the industry ~King Of Amarillo by Issues

    Sweat ~Love Sex Riot by Issues

    She said goodbye ~Romance Is Dead by Parkway Drive

    It's now time to enter the gallery of suicide! ~Gallery of Suicide by Cannibal Corpse

    Don't pack your bags cause you're here to stay. ~The Common Hours by I See Stars

    B**** suck d***! ~Blind Date 101 by Make Me Famous

    Till death do us part, we rot hand in hand ~The Somatic Defilement by Whitechapel

    Hit the lights. It's ***** time. ~Crewcabanger by Chelsea Grin

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