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So pretty much I want to live in England when I'm older and I also love the English school system I have a friends who moved back to England last year and he loves it his life sounds great! So it will probably never happen but imagine it did. I would like to go to boarding school somewhere in England (not Ireland or Scotland) for grade 10. I live in Canada so I would like to know about international students. I don't have two many qualifications about the school. Co ed is fine I don't want a really strict school and would like some free time. Also nothing outrageously expensive (I realize boarding school is expensive) like $30,000 MAX. Also do you think I would be accepted? I'm a fairly strong student about a 90% avarage. Do you think I would be really behind everyone els? I swim competitvly so it would be nice to be able to do that as well. So school suggestions? Thanks

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  • 7 years ago
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    Aldenham School: a Co-Ed boarding school located in Hertfordshire. Aldenham has a brilliant reputation with cheep boarding at just over 18,000 pounds per semester for borders and people from allover boarding at the school!

    ACS Cobham International School: a Co-Ed boarding school located in Cobham. 20,000 pounds a maximum per semester for boarders.

    Abbotsholme School: located in Staffordshire this is a Co-Ed boarding school with a cost at around 9,500 pounds as a maximum per term.

    Ashford School: found in Ashford there is this lovely school with maximum cost per term at around 9,000 pounds this Co-Ed school is happy to take internationals

    Beechwood Sacred Heart School: At Tunbridge Wells this all girls school is found at around a maximum price of 8,500 pounds per term but they are a Christian/Catholic School.

    Moreton Hall: This school is an all girls boarding school and has been awarded many awards for achievement and atmosphere etc. this school is based at Shropshire and the average price per term is 8,000 pounds!

    Goodluck! hope i could help, all of these schools have international students come and stay with them. I dont think you will be behind no matter which school you go to, you sound like an intelligent student.

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