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Help with windows 8...?

Why do windows 8 updates take up so much space?

I installed windows 8 on a 64gb SSD and had 32gb of free space. When I downloaded and installed updates totaling 1gb my drive space went from 32gb for 19gb. How can 1gb of updates take up that much space?

I don't have the windows.old folder and no system restores so all that space was taken by the updates.

Also, how can I boot into UEFI with my windows 8 installation disc?

I was able to do that before but now when I try to select boot options from pressing F12 I only get the regular disc boot option and no UEFI disc boot option. I did not make any changes to my BIOS.


Please ignore and spelling/grammar issues.

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    Clean the windows installer baseline cache and backups. you can do it with disk cleanup and a free app called wise disk cleaner ( which cleans quite a lot of space).

    IF you have a decent antivirus windows updates are pretty much useless and slow ur pc down. However, thats ur choice.

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