Should I inform my boss right away?

I'm involved in a seasonal job. It runs from August-may. Some seasonals only last August-December. I am one of the people that stay on until may every year. I am also the only employee other than my boss. But i've been looking into a new job. Not that I don't love this job but I need a change.. An opportunity for me to work on a cruise ship has come and I would love that.. If I apply to that job and I get it, it will throw my boss for a loop. We are very close, They are the only people I know in this town. They are old enough to be my parents so we have a different kind of relationship.. I feel like i'm betraying them by applying to this other job without their knowledge. Should I tell them that I found this job and I will be applying but if I do not get it then I will be staying with them until may... What should I do?!

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  • Jim S
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    7 years ago
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    I would apply for the ship and see how it goes. Competition could be high.

    If selected, you will have an emotional issue, but since they are so close, I would expect that they would understand your need to see the world. They'd want you to grow.

    Most cruise ship workers don't stay long; it's hard work. You might be back - and have learned so much more.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Tell your boss! Working in the field with other people demands an open and honest relationship. Tell your boss that you have received and opportunity to work on a job that would be the chance of a life time. Tell him that if all goes well you will take the job. He will be happy for you and will start looking for another person to help. If you don't tell him you leave him within back up and that is ten times worse. Give him a time line and tell him how long you will be staying if you get the job. Good luck!

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  • Judy
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    7 years ago

    Go ahead and apply, but don't say anything to them unless you at least get an interview.

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