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21st century drama of LAW at the United nations LIVE on tv -- Who supports America NOW in this time of DEBATE?

Yes here it is -- the challenge of Russian head of State to the President of the United States

In the United nations the unoffical semi offical kind of known world ruling body of unelected apointees to seats in a rigged vote -- yep not all votes are equal thus it is that the vote of one nation is rigged lower in its position and influence within the world ruling body of the unelected

Center stage at bat cave world headquarters NOT running the world as an unequal body of international laws and law makers

President Obama called before the carpet of the UN to prove his case -- Security member Russia to Security memeber Obama -- challenge to prove in world headquarters like hidden super heros of oral debates




Who supports the President of the USA going up in debate law international law and courts AND having his day in court

Who supports the USA and and in its day IN COURT



By the way I completely support the USA in its absolute RIGHT to be heard in debate

I completely agree that surely a President of the United states and member of the United nations security council will provide overwhelming evidence to support his case as requested by security council member in Russia --

Law order good governance that Queen Victoria promised and thus I support Mr Obama and his right on behalf of the peoples who elected him and the whole of the United states of America and member of the UN to have his day in court and prove his case for military force against Syria

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    Ovomit is not trusted, liked or respected by most countries around the world.

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