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Watching tv shows over and over again? Obsession?

Lately I was lucky enough to be introduced to the Band of Brothers series. I love War films and instantly fell in love.

In the past I have dealt with little episodes of sadness (depression sounds too dramatic) and have turned to watching videos such as movies or youtube videos to make me feel better. But the problem I have it that each time I watch a video again, I get more numb to the happiness it makes me feel.

I love this series and I haven't even finished the 10th part because I am reluctant for it to end. But I have already re-watched the episodes I've seen once and I'm prepared to do it again. Aside from wanting to watch the parts I am constantly thinking about the movie and extensively, WWII. I look up the character bios on IMDB, the actors who play them and even quotes from the movie.

Part of me wondered if it was procrastinating to ignore my homework I had to do, but even when I'm done my homework I am tempted to curl up in bed and watch a part.

I feel guilty each time I give in though, as I am worried I will overwatch the parts and no longer have that to rely on to make me feel happy. So usually I end up with the dvd player on my laptop open on another screen while I click around on the internet trying not to give in to the temptation.

This seems like something that isn't a big deal but it has controlled my thoughts and feelings for over a week now. I understand that this movie can be somewhat provoking in it's violence and subject matter and I wondered if maybe that was what was bothering me, but I don't think so.

Any advice on this matter would be excellent. This is my first time posting a question so I'm sorry if I didn't follow the norms of posting a question.

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    Kira, it's perfectly normal. You don't want to know how many times I've watched all of my favorite shows on Netflix. They have all of my shows streaming. Sometimes I do marathons or just watch my favorite episodes. So unless you think something else is going on, I say watch what you want, when you want to, as long as it's not interfering with your daily life.

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    i don't just don't have a life

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