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football help,rules and advice?

hi :) im 13. im thinking of getting into football and play for my school team. but i dont know much. so if somone could write a list of rules that would be great! also i would like advice on what position i could play, im 5'8 120 lbs im really fast and good at dangling, i would like to play a position where i can get a bunch of yards and touchdowns.

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    The rules and regulations of Canadian Football are on wikipedia. It's too long to write down, but the basics are this.

    Four-15 minute quarters.

    Most points at the end of 60 minutes wins.

    Three downs (attempts) are required to make an aggregate of 10 yards to advance up the field.

    Failure to gain 10 yards after 3 downs results in turnover of possession of the football.

    6 points for touchdown. Extra point for kick conversion. Two points for a possible conversion pass.

    Opponent conceding a safety in own redzone - 2 points.

    Successful field goal - 3 points.

    Rouge- ball going dead in opponent endzone - 1 point.

    Rushing into endzone directly from blocked field goal attempt from opponent - 2 points.

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    Im sorry i dont no anything about football i just wanted to say that u r really really skinny! :) o and um ur probably no the basics that a touchdowns 6 and u could eaither kick the ball into the goal post for 1 point or try to get a 2 point confision i think i really dont no sorry

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