What is the name of this Manga?

I read this manga not so long ago but forgot the name. It's a romance manga I think. It's about a guy who's living alone. And suddenly her sister turns up to live with him because she was caught with her girlfriend at home. (they're lesbians i guess.) But later on his sister leaves her girlfriend and the guy cheats on his girlfriend to be with his sisters old ex-girlfriend. Basically, i remember in the description of the manga it was about the two girls living with the guy.


Dude that's it!! Thanks. I'll choose best answer as soon as the best answer delay is over. And while your at it do you think I should save this manga to my collections or reread it. Because as I remember this manga was a bit disappointing considering the guy two timed. Your opinions?

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  • 7 years ago
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    It sounds very much like a manga i read a little of recently. It was called Haru yo Koi. I hope I got the right one. =P

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