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chances of becoming a seal?

skipping all the nonsense, my dream is to be a seal. I'm fit, a strong swimmer, I compete in mma , kick boxing, boxing and grappling. I know C code and advanced electronics. I have a advanced open water scuba diving license, 20/20. Vision, no medical problems and I would literally give EVERYTHING to become a navy seal or other special ops. Next year I'm also taking advanced mathematics and physics high school program , I also have experience in mechanics, boating , jet skiing(driving/repairs) I would have enormous recommendations since I come from a huge family and social family, I come from a rich family. The problem is a year or two ago I got into alot of fights and trouble and it was classified under bullying. I had a warning from a police officer. I had a few other warning for jaywalking etc but. Never convicted. I also was a trouble maker until the current year when I got myself together.

My question is I'd give up everything and die to be a seal. What do you think my chances or becoming one is and will the warnings and trouble making hurt my chances?


I'm also a canadian so I have the problem of becoming an American citizen before I'm 29.

Update 2:

okay well forget the citizenship I know it's possible I did my research.

Update 3:

don't say it's impossible, you don't understand how much determination I have, also, I'm a competitive swimmer.

Update 4:

Lana, those seals didnt give up and they made it... I think I will delete this question because I don't need to ask someone.. I WILL become a seal, I know I can do it.

Update 5:

Thanks micheal! Keep up with your dream! I know what I'm getting into , and my extreme desire to be a navy seal should get me through it!

Update 6:

Doesent mean I can't get a citizenship

Update 7:

Lana you're just angry because you're a women and can't become a seal don't tell me to stop following my dreams

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    The best shot at getting a slot at BUD/S is with the Navy Challenge Program contracts. They are the only guarantee sure fire way of getting to go to the more elite A schools after boot camp like BUD/S or EOD School. I'd invest some time in learning the Combat Side Stroke since you'll primarily swim that for your PSTs to get your contract and once you get in BUD/S. PSTs are what you'll take to get a contract for the SEALs or any of the other challenge program ratings like EOD or AIRR. Express interest in the challenge program to a recruiter and once you pass your ASVAB and score what you need to qualify then you can get medically checked out and sent to the NSW motivator that will proctor the PSTs.

    PSTs are composed of a

    500 yard timed swim using Combat Side Stroke or Breast Stroke (Free style if you're going AIRR)

    10 minute rest

    Max push-ups in two minutes

    Two minute rest

    Max sit-ups in two minutes

    Two minute rest

    Max pull ups no time limit

    10 minute rest

    1.5 mile timed run

    Depending on how well you do, you'll be placed in the draft alongside other candidates and if they like your numbers you'll be picked up for a contract and get guaranteed a slot at BUD/S after basic training. Focus on a combined swim and run time of under 20 minutes, they love to see that. Just bust your *** in the training and don't give up no matter what you do. They want to see dedication in your PSTs, stick with the program and show progress and they'll reward you. BUD/S is designed to break you and no one gets through without breaking at some point, it's just what happens afterwards is what they want to see. Do you stay down and give up or get up and keep fighting?

    Best of luck to you.

    Source(s): Had to deal with the whole contract process while getting a SWCC contract.
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    The bottom line is you do not have American Citizenship, so you do not meet one of the requirements to become a Navy SEAL, regardless of how awesome and rich you are (can't your family just buy you a citizenship?).

    I wonder why many Americans always talk $hit about Mexicans taking away American jobs; though, they tend to be low paying/undesirable jobs. However, it is the Canadians that came here to take desirable/high paying jobs (actor, singer etc..) away from other Americans and no one says anything; and what's worse is that the Canadians always talk $hit about the U.S.

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    In general? You have a better chance dating a Playboy Playmate than being a SEAL. Highly selective. Need the Swim like a fish. Washout rate of 75%. Try another dream choice.

    Source(s): Ex Navy, Met SEALS. Just finished reading a book by a EX team leader with 20 years in NSW.
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    I think there's actually a way to gain citizenship if you serve your country? A lot of phillipinos work at the naval commensary as grocery store workers ect to gain citizenship, can't see why joining our military would be a problem especially being Canadian, not like your middle eastern where there would be extensive and beyond back ground checks then doubt anyways.

    Source(s): Best friend in navy in San Diego and spent a lot of time on base and learned info on the phlipps.
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    Sony has the SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs series exclusively for the Playstation 3

    u can be one there

    otherwise, youre up shlts creek without a paddle

    stay frosty, my friend

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    Your resume is great but one problem, you need to be a US citizen to be a SEAL.

    That is a show stopper.

  • Anonymous
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    My answer hasn't changed since yesterday! No citizenship, no SEAL.;_ylt=AvdrX...

  • 7 years ago

    Very unlikely . Maybe you will come back as one in the next life ^^

    Source(s): * drums * Bad dum dum tish
  • 7 years ago

    U should have a chsnce

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