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Should Earl Barron be the one that fills out the last roster spot for Knicks as Tys's main backup?

It seems as if the only time that Earl Barron shows he's a viable quality backup in the NBA, is when he's on the Knicks. In 2010, as a rental he excelled and averaged a double-double of 11 PPG/11 RPG in the same starting back-court as David Lee. Since then, he's pretty much bounced in between teams, and in and out of the NBA. Never really carving out his niche to stay on a roster long-term wise.

When the Knicks brought him back this season he picked up where he last left off with the team. In his only game he posted significant numbers 14 points and 18 rebounds. He did this against KG which he posted 14 rebounds on him last yr when he was on the Wizards too.

Barron is a true 7ft to spot Chandler. He has a very well-developed touch on offense from mid-range which is a nice thing to have. He is a banger inside on the offensive and defensive glass which the Knicks need more of being ranked 26th of 30 in total rebounds as a team. Only thing that's alarming is how bad of a defender that he is. Chandler's primary backup should be solid defensively but Barron isn't. But at this late stage of FA he seems the better option over Cole Aldrich,Hamed Haddadi, Chris Wilcox, etc.


Knicks had Wilcox back in the day too as a rental. That was back before his aorta surgery though. As for the Celtics I believe its because they have a log-jam of bigs and already have a full 15 man roster. In order, for them to resign Chris Wilcox they'd have to waive most likely option in recently acquired Donte Green, which is possible, but BOS hasn't done so yet.

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    I wouldn't. Barron's going to be available the whole season, no one's picking him up. They should take on a different player and see if they could get lucky. If not they dump that player and pick up Barron. I was rooting for them to pick up Fab Melo but he's no longer available. Haddadi would be a good pick up.

  • Actually people underrate Chris Wilcox,.not sure why Boston didn't resign him..he isn't a 20-10 guy by any means..but very consistent at what he brings..and he hustles very well..Barron might put up big numbers every once in awhile but isn't consistent

    I don't think they should get rid of Donte Greene..he has unmarked potential..but the Brazilian center gots to go..

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