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Will my laptop handle video game recording software?

Will my laptop handle video game recording software?

Hello, I am thinking of doing some gaming videos for youtube and I was wondering if my laptop based on my specs will be able to handle the software, because I have heard that the software can be heavy on laptops and is more suitable for desktops. Also can you recommend which game recording software is good? I am not to keen on Fraps and I am willing to pay $300+ on the software if needed, if it is good and wont struggle on my laptop. My specs are:



15.6 1920x1080


1TB (500GB*2 RAID 0) 7200RPM

Thanks for reading and helping

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    Yes it will. Your i7 selection should make mince meat of it. Please do remember though that using ANY software will decrease gaming performance. You will get a decrease in FPS regardless of your system. If you really did want to SIGNIFICANTLY improve performance then getting a SSD instead of the hard drive would be a MUCH better option.

    Sold state drives have much less space on them, however your overall computer performance will increase tenfold. Don't spend the extra money on a program, spend it on a solid state drive and it will be by far the best option. Something like a 240GB solid state drive is usually ample space for things including games. Perhaps invest in an external hard drive if your that worried.

    To sum it up. Solid state drives will be the best and will ensure that a program such as fraps (or any other) doesn't slow down gaming performance much.

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