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What shipping company has the lowest customs fee, shipping from USA to Canada?

I'm buying a silver ring made in California (United States of America), and I was wondering what shipping company incurs the lowest customs fee when shipping to British Columbia (Canada).


Actually I called Canada Border Services Agency and you are wrong ma'am. It depends on the shipping company, thus why I asked this question.

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    Re: additional details

    Are you really looking for help, or did you just want to start an argument?

    When importing goods into Canada, you are subject to three different fees:

    1. Duty (which most people refer to as "customs fee"). You can look up duty rates here:

    2. Provincial sales tax (applicable if duty is charged).

    3. Shipper's administrative fee (around $10, depending on the value of the shipment).

    Duty and PST are set by the government. No shipper has control over them.

    It is true that the shipper's fee varies between companies. Some are better at lower-valued packages, some are better at higher-valued. So who is cheapest depends on the value of the package. Given your attitude, I suspect the only way you're going to find out is to look up the rates yourself.

  • Judy
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    Customs fees are determined by the government, not the shipping company.

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