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Age restrictions in Canada for weapons?

I'm 16 years old and I'm just wondering as to what restrictions there for buying knives. Please show some sources thanks.

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    There are no restrictions on owning a knife for anyone in Canada -- other than knives which the blade extends automatically (switch blades or butterfly knives) or those which are concealable (such as a belt knife). It is illegal in Canada to carry a concealed weapon (including a knife).

    Lots of Canadian kids own knives. Scouting, camping, crafts, boaters, cooks, etc. Go to any Canadian Tire and you can buy a pocket knife. Go to any Wal-Mart and you can by a set of kitchen knives. Some common sense would prevail... I doubt Canadian tire would sell a hunting knife to a six year old. At some age, a parent allowing a child to have a knife would likely fact child endangerment or failure to supervise charges. At 16... none of that is an issue. Buy any knife you like.

    Laws work in the negative. They tell you everything which is illegal. Anything else is legal. I can't site a law stating it is legal to dance in the streets or to eat ice cream on Tuesdays. It's legal because it isn't illegal.

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